CBL/CN for Single Digit BF levels

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    Mason Sullivan

    Hey guys,

    I had a question about what you think would be the best approach to solving my dilemma. So, I booked an Off-Broadway gig that will require me to hop around on stage with nothing but my boxers on. I’d estimate my BF levels at around 10% or so right now. The show goes up early May and while I’ve cycled back onto CBL from a high-volume diet, avid Crossfitter, I’ve noticed that I’m stalling on my fat loss. Between other commitments and rehearsal I’m lucky to get into the gym maybe 3 days a week right now. I’m doing my very best to move that to 4 or 5 even if it means getting up at the ass crack of dawn to train. I take Carb Shock and T3 so I was wondering would any of you suggest to lowering carbs at night on the days I train or would just going on CN work better for something like this. I’ve also started adding in Shockwave Protocols before or after my usual routine at the box I go to. I’ll also start ND again on Friday, because I’m at the tail end of the 2-week off period. Any tips at all is appreciated! Thanks!

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    1) Start Carbnite
    2) Train three days a week, compound movements only. Train for strength, not endurance. No supersetting or back to back exercises that will push your body into the anaerobic threshold.
    3) Drop your protein down to about half gram per pound of body weight, and Get your fat around 1.1-1.3g per pound of body weight to start. Keep your carbs absolutely under 15 to 20 g, it’s very easy to do.
    4) you should see a change in your physique, and you should continue seeing some of that stubborn fat and or water come off. When you stop seeing results after 5 to 7 days, you will have your Carbnite. This night will be extremely clean, meaning high protein and high simple carbs. (Lean fish and sushi rice, 99/1 turkey and sushi rice. For your dessert, Ben and jerrys low-fat frozen yogurt.)
    5) that would be a start. I’ve gotten the lowest and body fat following Carbnite. Even when training like a beast, and carb back loading him, I was not able to achieve the low body fat that I regularly walk around at following Carbnite.

    Regarding your supplement protocol, I would jump off that stuff right away, and let your body’s hormones work themselves.

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    If you’re not familiar with Carbnite, there is simply too much to explain on here that is in the manual. You need to pick yourself up a copy, go through it, and understand everything a lot more thoroughly.

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CBL/CN for Single Digit BF levels

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