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    Jenna saunders

    HI AJ!!

    Hope you are well, I also posted this in CBL but wanted your personal opinion here…
    I just finished my 23rd week of CN, last 10 days was a re-orientation.
    I have lost weight, inches, and have also started to feel like I was beginning to struggle with
    the protocol. I was feeling low on energy and having cravings for more carbs, which I was substitutuing
    with fats… which I do not think is helpful for my body. I lift heavy 3-4 times a week with full body
    routines. My interest in body recomp, and I want a very sculpted and strong female figure.
    I have decided to see where CBL would take me, with energy, as well as building more muscle.
    I just started this past week. So far I have felt great in the gym!
    My major question here is that I did notice what seems to be a little extra on my stomach since
    starting this. Is this normal with the addition of more carbs? How long should I experience this
    before I could hopefully be looking to see the harder and more tight body everyone describes after a backload?
    I’m just nervous adding the carbs back in will add extra to my waistline, but hoping it will go back down?
    I only felt that more lean next day a few times with CN and I think I would over do it more with CN than I will with CBL…it seems
    like a more balanced fit for me personally and mentally, but my overall goal is to build strength and definition… then I would
    maybe go back to CN to drop extra weight?
    So far my calories are in the 1650 range, with carbs on a backload at anywhere from 135-250 grams. I have had a couple different
    backloads… 1. clean, chicken breast, sweet potato, brocolli, and 2 small oatmeal cookies, 2. two pieces of pizza and some cake
    and ice cream (birthday)… after my workout I wait almost an hour and have whey with carb shock and a ripe banana.
    In the CBL book Keifer says for the carbs to be much higher around 500 and if I want fat loss for my fat to be at around 26 grams?
    I find that almost impossible! I am 34, weigh about 153, not sure BF, guessing around 20%, back load anywhere from 3-4 days a week
    depending on gym access.
    Some help and guidance here would be great… I still want fat loss, it can be slower, I am fine with that, but want muscle
    definition… I can always work on stripping the excess fat later right?
    Thanks, sorry for this being all over the place… just experimenting and know advice from the experts will be a huge help :)

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    Megan Perry

    I have just switched from CNS to CBL too. On CNS I found my workouts suffered and I lost weight but a lot of that was muscle. On CBL I am noticing I am gaining muscle but also fat, a little on my belly too! I would appreciate tips on this. I would like to lose body fat not gain it. However I am excited that I built some muscle. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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CNS transition to CBL

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