5×5 and carb backloading?

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    been doing 5×5 for a while now and I really love it, just got back onto carb backloading again but I was wondering how to structure it around a 5×5 workout? this workout has a schedule of 1 day training followed by one day off. from what I understand cbl works best when doing consecutive training days? because when you backload for the next day you are also supplying key nutrients to aid the recovery of the workout you’ve just done. I could just backload for the night before the day of training and then not backload post workout, then repeat the pattern. but I was thinking about backloading each day and perhaps doing some cardio on the day off training. is it a good idea to backload for a non training day if on that non training day I also do some cardio? do people backload for cardio days?
    there are some other ways I was thinking of tweeking this, like possibly doing a backload each day but making the backload lower in carbs and overall calories for non training days, that way I get some pwo nutritional benefits from cbl but limit the potential for fat gain more.. would be interested in hearing other ideas.
    I can’t really alter 5×5 to consecutive days because its not effective when done this way, it works around having a day off intense training inbetween.

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5×5 and carb backloading?

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