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    Hi I am Dan, been working out on/off since my teens but I got serious about it a year ago. I started an overweight 30 something dad and got into the fat loss side of things. I dropped 40 lbs of fat by watching my cals and working out but recently decided to take it a step further. I decided I want a 6 pack, so its go hard or go home time. I am always looking for new things and not just following the mainstream ideas of what works and what does not. I am looking at this time to do a 50/50 split for fat loss and muscle gain. I like the articles I read and am really starting to look at nutrition as my main weapon for results as opposed to just training hard as that really got me nowhere other than frustrated. I know that nutrition is key to results now and I am really interested in reading the articles and hearing from other members as to what has worked for them. I am particularly interested in the carb backloading idea I kind of accidentally did this for a while and experienced great fat loss using it. I am going to be returning to that method in the coming weeks to get rid of the belly fat that is hampering my 6 pack goal lol. Once I have that accomplished I want to add more muscle so I look forward to my time on here.


    Naomi Most

    Hey Dan!Why do I know so many Newfies named Dan? Sorry, don't answer that.I used to live in Toronto, so I think that means I'm supposed to make fun of you. But I always liked the Newfie accent!Nice to meet another 30-something parent.  I tell you, the belly fat can be pernicious when you have the stress of parenting on your shoulders, so I wish you extra luck. Hopefully you won't need it once you get going with Carb Back-Loading.  🙂Cheers,Naomi

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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Canadian here

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