Greetings from Germany

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    Hey Guys,just wanted to write a couple of lines about the newest member on this forum.My name is Jens, I am from Germany, thirty years old and work as a high school teacher. I've always been active and spent most of my time outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, riding my mountain bike etc. until at some point during college I came across World of Warcraft which I played religiously for about three years. Suffice it to say that during that time I got a little out of shape... Then about three years ago I started lifting weights and followed Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 pretty much from that start after realizing that the "trainers" in my gym had next to no idea what they were prescribing their clients... I took my lifts from non existent to a 115kg Bench, 150kg Squat, 160kg Dead and 70kg Military Press - I know - nothing to brag about but it's a start. All the while my approach to diet has been quite simplistic - eat high quality food, preferably locally grown and seasonal and avoid processed stuff most of the time. The past year however has been pretty eventful for me (finished teacher-training, started working full-time, bought a house, became father, ...) thus diet and training have really only played a minor role. Anyways now that my life starts to be somewhat more ordered and predictable I want to get back into training and watching my diet more closely. Me big goal is to get into good enough shape to take part in a GNBF (German Natural Bodybuilding Federation) amateur competition in the 75kg class either this fall or next spring. I currently weigh 78kg and would guestimate my bf at somewhere around 15-20% (see attached pictures). So my plan is to diet down and lower bf to single digit value first (using the strategies laid out in CN with an intermittent fasting approach - I hate breakfast... - and incorporating more HIIT cardio, kettlebells etc. into my training) and then start bulking back up. However I have never competed in bodybuilding or followed a bodybuilding training regimen so any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated!I think that's definitely been long enough for an introductory post so I'll stop it right here...Later,Jensimg0180z.jpgimg0181ld.jpg



    Welcome Jens.  Keep it up!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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Greetings from Germany

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