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    Hi,I found Dangerously Hardcore after using Google search for information on working out and protein supplements. I've stayed away from using whey protein after using Maximuscle products years ago and subsequently discovering how a lot of these types of products are full of crap and you just end up wasting your money. Since then, I've read how the supplement industry is pretty much full of snake-oil pushers promising the sun, moon and stars but leaving paying customers with little to no results.As a result, reading Kiefer's recommendations on whey protein and other protein supplements made me think "here's another guy trying to make a quick buck on unsuspecting, gullible, naive people"; however, after reading through this site, I've come to believe in what Kiefer is saying and have slowly come around to spending my hard-earned money on whey protein products, even though I've had an aversion for years.I've been using CBL for the last 4 weeks, approximately, and like how I can eat crap food in the evenings and still not feel bloated or look fat, while appearing to be gaining lean muscle; I'm still unsure on this as I think my mirror is lying to me.I'll end my intro here, so as to not bore anyone reading this, and just say I'm enjoying the site and the members here and look forward to learning more from others and sharing in the community on site.Kind Regards,Rsaeire


    Damon Amato

    welcome, and gl on your quest.



    Good luck rsaeire.  Keep us posted.


    Naomi Most

    Hey Rsaeire,Glad you've decided to stick around. Whey protein isolate is one of those things that anyone and everyone *should* be recommending whether they stand to make a buck off it or not.  It's so well supported by scientific research as to its benefits, even people who aren't weight training stand to benefit from adding it to their diets, assuming they aren't allergic.Around here we're more interested in seeing you make progress using the fewest supplements you can get away with -- basically, by doing things smarter, not more or harder.  So find the whey protein that works for you and go with that. Later on when you hit a plateau or get more serious, then start thinking about the optimized blends.  Keep an eye on your digestion, though -- you shouldn't be putting up with poor digestion from whey protein. If that happens, change brands and maybe spend a little more money.And on that super fun note, welcome.  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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