help for the grossly obese but strong

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    Bill Whitman

    OK I’ll admit it, I’m a huge gross pile of flab. 6’3″ and 345. I’m on/off with lifting and been on the CNS to shed some weight since it first came out. I’m a long time cyclist and want to get back to track cycling (which is where the weights come in) and just being strong. Oh, and I’m an old fart at 50 this year. Plus I’ve got some dinks and bangs from tours in Iraq and 24 years in the Army in general (I’ll be medically retired this year from the reserves).

    SO . . . I know CBL and CNS work for shedding some weight for bodybuilding and figure competitors on here. I know it works for powerlifters since I hang with a lot of them and am a member at a PL gym. But how would Keifer or anyone else on here go about structuring it to fit in with a program for a beginner, which is basically where I think I have fallen back to the past two years. My doc says my cholesterol is high at 240 but tris are low, hdl is ok, ldl is what is high. No issues with blood sugar. My wife wants me to try Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig and I just about vomited when she suggested that and I looked at what they have for “food”. Ick!



    Robert Haas

    Bill, you are going to have to have blood test done IMO.

    Why: you most likely have some metabolic issues going on that need to be fixed before any diet will work. Please do not do Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig or any fad diet until you identify what is going on.

    Here’s the deal: For every action there are reactions. As far as the body goes people that are only mildly obese can reverse many of the things going on like insulin resistance, slight hormonal imbalances…etc.

    The problems are the farther you go off track and gain body fat the body tries to adapt in abnormal ways. Leptin resistance sets in, epigenetic triggers start happening changing the way you body responds to nutrition. All kind of micro nutrient defiencencies set in that are caused by all of these other reactions going on.

    Stuff really starts getting complicated.

    I look at it this way: If you’ve put bad gas in your car, it ran like crap. So instead of draining tank you’ve continued to run the car on bad gas. Eventually you put good gas in and it ran just a little better but not good. What happened is maybe you have messed up the injectors, the fuel pump, the spark plugs…etc

    So, a diet is the equivalent of just putting good gas in and expecting it to run like new again and if it doesn’t you guess and try new approaches never really fixing anything.

    I like Dr Jack Kruse’s approach: he recommends testing to nail down specifically what is wrong if anything, taking all of the guesswork out. Then fixing it one by one, step by step for results that work and are permanent.

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    The eyes can't see what the mind doesn't understand.


    Brandon D Christ

    There is no special program for beginners. Just follow what is in the book. Also if you have health issues get those taken care of like what Shadow said.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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help for the grossly obese but strong

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