Hey gang, new to CBL

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    Bert McKenzie

    Hey guys, I’m a newbie. So here it goes. I’m below 10% BF weighing in at 200 lbs so I’ll be skipping the prep phase. I workout fasted first thing in the morning. I have couple of questions. My protein intake should be 200 g (1 lb per BW) and 100 g of fat (.5 grams for every gram of protein from what I heard Kiefer say in a podcast). With that being said, should I be getting 200 g of protein and 100 g of fat BEFORE my carb backload? Or is this the total pro and fats I should be getting throughout the whole day?


    Steve Cauffiel

    Pretty sure it’s total for the day but it’s recommended to get at least half during the ULC portion of the day. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong (I hope), but that’s the way I understand it.


    Robert Haas

    ^^^agree total for the day.

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    Makoto Tomizawa

    There’s a chart in the back of the book with the macros for the ULC portion of the day.

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    Brandon D Christ

    Macros are individual. You have to experiment. That being said you have a good starting point for a fat loss diet. I wouldn’t worry much about the fat timing. Just make sure you are getting a decent amount of fat when you are ULC.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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Hey gang, new to CBL

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