How much fat and how much protein , total calories?

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    I am new here, i am eating 3000 calories 80 prosent fat, 17 protein and 3 prosen carb any pointers?


    Steve Cauffiel

    Uh, gonna need more information than that to help in the slightest. 😉 Body stats, exercise level, etc.


    Melvin McLain

    3000 calories with 80% fat calories, 17% protein calories, and 3% carb calories is approx 266.6g fat, 127.5g prot, and 22.5g carbs.

    That’s a lot of fat and calories IMO.

    Remember, if there is no calorie deficit, your body has no reason to reduce its fat stores.


    Ok thanks 🙂



    Hmmm when i tried to lose weight last year and was on my new diet pills phen375, which helped me lose 40 pounds and tstart working out, i was onn top of the game. This meds arent heavy for body and organism at all and i could run about 100km a week. The risk zone for me was upping to 120 km. But judging by your plan you can gain needed fast enough, though i’d suggest some outside help. 3000 seems a lot



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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How much fat and how much protein , total calories?

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