Hurley’s intro.

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        I found Carb Backloading after searching for a diet that could tell me how to successfully skip breakfast (which I hate!).  After following the usual "Six small meals, Breakfast everyday" diet for what seemed like a lifetime basically for a lack of an intelligent alternatives, I really wasn't getting results I could call impressive.  This was especially true when my goals were more muscle and less fat.  The traditional two steps forward one step back Bulk/Cut method seemed to bring me two steps forward, two steps back.          When I started looking for something new, I encountered a lot of "bro science" that seemed to be working for the Bros, but without any legitimate studies or science all I could do was trust someone who had no idea why a method was working or not, and consequently, no idea what to do if things weren't going as expected.  I also found a way to bury myself in so much science that I was effectively paralyzed with no way to convert any of that information into an actual plan (I'm no physicist).  I'm definitely not a blind follower of Bros or eggheads, and neither one seemed to have their sword sharpened on both sides.        Anyway, When I discovered Dangerously Hardcore (after a simple google search!), it seemed to offer everything I was looking for: Actual science actually working, no keto nonsense, and none of that damn breakfast!  I've been doing it for a few months and could see this becoming my lifelong method, as I'm naturally inclined toward skipping breakfast in favor of productivity, working out after work, and then binging till bed.  I was worried about my workouts suffering without my usual four meals floating around in my system, but I found the opposite was true.  My absolute strength didn't initially shoot up, but workout intensity sure did!  I didn't understand what energy system my body was using without carbs, but it was a beast.  I actually think carbs were the thing holding my back before!  Which is obviously the opposite of what most people are having crammed down their throats with their stupid breakfasts, but the scientist can explain it and the results are self explanatory.    Now that I look back at my blathering, I'm feeling a self  conscious need to just shut up so,Great to be here, excited about the whole thing, and I'm looking forward to dialing in my understanding of the whole system and hearing from people who are really seeing the results. 


    Richard Schmitt

    Hey welcome aboard Hurely!


    Naomi Most

    Hey Hurley, Glad you made it!Skipping breakfast feels right, doesn't it? So nice to kick off the shackles of the oppressive 6-meals-a-day regime.Also I'm stunned that the phrase "bro science" took a full 2 days to show up here in the forums.--Naomi

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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Hurley’s intro.

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