Impressed but cautious?

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    My name is Steve, I had very good success with the Carb-Nite Solution, but it is not a sustainable program long term! I dug up as much of Keifers stuff as possible as he really explains everything in detail which i appreciate, but in a way i also understand which i NEED!I've read a few of the same studies and been pushed in this same direction by watching my effects over time. Breakfast was a no brainer for me, i never felt productive when i ate it, but stuck at it for the so called "Most important Meal of the day stuff"! Cutting Breakfast on purpose was introduced to me initially by Martin Berkham's Leangains guide and as soon as i started it everything started feeling betterI found Carb Nite by chance and loved it, worked extremely well for me to strip from 24% bodyfat to 12% in 4 months! Now i use Carb Backloading as my Nutrition regimen and have enjoyed the feelings of better training, strength gains and minimal fat gain! I still have a lot to learn though so am excited about the Book launch


    Richard Schmitt

    Glad to have you aboard! I'm just as excited and anxious as you are.


    wow that's amazing results no matter what the diet plan. 10% bf change… I wish I found all this sooner so I didn't have to take the multi year way haha


    Naomi Most

    NICE!!  Thanks for coming and talking about your results, sckiely.@Intensity Junkie: I've known Kiefer since 2008, and it took me until this past year to ditch all the myths and try his stuff.  And I was like 28% bodyfat at my worst and still doing cardio and eating fruit because it's "healthy".  When I finally broke down and tried Carb Nite, I dropped from 26% to 22% in about a month, and then down to 20% while doing Carb Back-Loading between August and October of this year.  This is all within 1 year of having a baby, mind you, and now I'm the leanest and fittest and strongest I've ever been.Talk about "the multi year way"...--Naomi



    Yes it is very exciting to basically be guinea pigs! We all do it to ourselves constantly anyway if we train seriously, test a new program, try a new movemnet. It has been very exciting to test something that has been so effective, and none of us even have all the pieces yet!Awesome


    Damon Amato

    sckiely: what method of measurement did you use for your body comp numbers?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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Impressed but cautious?

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