Ketosis and CBL-HELP!

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    Amanda Stanuszek

    I have studied this for some time now and am running into a fuzzy area. I have done the 7 day depletion and then continued to read through other research ( I am a chiropractor with a focus on fitness and nutrition) more in depth on ketosis. It seems like for us to back load we should be in a deeper state of ketosis or we would just be adding more glycogen storage on top of fat that is already there. I have ketone sticks and I can go 7 to 10 days and get into small ketosis, where I feel like to cycle in and out we should get into deep ketosis for a 24 hours period before carb loading. Can someone please let me know if I am over thinking this? I am one that gets “scared” to be carb loading when I still have body fat to lose and am not getting into ketosis

    Thank you!


    Robert Kirsch

    From CNS: “Urinary ketone levels do not indicate the rate of fat loss…Some people expel near zero levels of urinary ketones… while still losing substantial amounts of body fat.” (page 122) This has been very true for me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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Ketosis and CBL-HELP!

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