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    Hi All, well here I am.  46 years old, 302 lbs.  I'm a track cyclist trying to come back to shape to race and drop weight.  Found the carb-night in Powerlifting I think it was, hunted down the website and bought the book, found Kiefer on FB, led me to and now here!  I've done versions of carb nite which really worked for me and I did the carb nite recently and dropped 11 pounds.  Problem was afterwards what the heck to do?  There was an absence of guidance.  So I sort of fell off until I've now found this site.  Sounds like the perfect follow up and exactly what is needed!I really hope the launch of the diet plan and customization comes soon.  I am an attorney with the Air Force, father of two boys, 9 & 11, husband and trying to get in lifting and cycling training takes up a lot of time so it is VERY hard to sit down and plan a lot of meals.  Anyway, wanted to get off a quick intro before I have to head to my garage for my weights workout.  Tonight is squats, presses and power cleans.  Then an hour of sprint intervals on the stationary trainer.  It's 6pm, I'll be done by 8, then dinner, quality time with the family and crash.  I'll buy the CBL tonight.  My goal is to drop to 240 and keep my power output high.  Thanks,Bill Whitman



    OK, I bought CBL.I asked John what the difference was between Carb Nite and CBL and I will give him the benefit of and trust his wisdom and what I've heard from you guys plus what I know of how carb jack me up.  Let's get this party started!Bill


    Naomi Most

    Hey Bill,Glad you're here!  Did you get the answers you were looking for?Just one thing, don't call him John.  🙂--Naomi



    Hi, yeah, read that about Kiefer.  I got most of the answers.  Finished reading the book today and got done taking a lot of notes.  I'm working out the plan for integrating what I learned between CN and CBL and how it will work in with my training.  Here's my work out schedule for the upcoming week which is pretty typical:Mon: Gym (squats, press, deadlifts)Tue: Bike Trainer - sprint intervals approx 1.5 hours Wed: Gym (squats, 80%press, power cleans) + Bike Trainer (approx 1 hour - about 1 minute intervals)Thur: usually off but this week is interval sets on the bike approx 1 hourFri: Gym (squats, press, deadlifts) Sat: Off (usually is a long outdoor bike ride 2-3 hours)Lifting is basic power-lifting protocol from Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe so:Squat  2x5  95                    Deads 2x5  135          1x5  115                            1x3  170          1x3  125                            1x2  240            1x2  170                            1x5  285          3x5  215I'm 46, have trashed lumbar disks 3/4 and 4/5 with the 3/4 having totally ruptured in 2006, needing a discectomy but it collapsed unevenly compressing the nerve root totally paralyzying it so I couldn't walk.  8 mos of traction got it back settled evenly.  The 4/5 had bulged before that and still acts up now and then.  But I'm lifting without a belt now which has really helped whereas I lifted before and it was messing me up. Never had a proper strength trainer until recently to teach me technique.  I'd like to get back to the 600lb squat before the back injury but that may not happen.So, I have some challenges but I know that this is really going to work since I respond well to this protocol and as long as the resources are there to be able to adapt the program to the variations I need to make it work for me then I think I'll be able to make it work to burn the 50 pounds off by the summer competitive season, increase my strength and then kick butt plus look a hell of a lot better for an old fart than I have even been since I've been fighting being fat for a long time.That's about it.  Keep improving the site, the resources and the little things that will help us like planners, menus and stuff like that.  My wife used some of the CN mods and that helped her stop shakiness in the mornings and I'm trying to get my kids to try some techniques as well to help them especially my pudgy 9 year old who has my inclination to plump up.Thanks!Bill


    Damon Amato

    I might recommend single leg squats instead of back squats.  You'll quarter the amount of newtons of axial load while still forcing each leg to perform the same work.

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Master Sprint Track Cyclist Intro

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