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    Robert Boehm

    I’ve been doing CBL for some time now, I started following the CBL protocols for “Density Bulking” in Jan of 2013. My starting height/weight was 5’8″ 151 lbs. , after 1.5yrs of not Smoking with a very cardiovascular training regimine trying not to put on “Bad Weight” I previously was down to 138 lbs. at the time of my fathers passing in March of 2012.
    Since following Kiefer’s CBL I went up to 181 lbs by June 2014 attempting to push my weight to 200lbs, I got as far as 192lbs Powerlifting as my primary workouts. I LOVE to Deadlift! I’ve currently dropped to 179 lbs. after removing milk from my diet after finding I have Acid reflux caused by it, something I’ve drank all my life and I believe has been a good energy source/caloric intake for myself due to my Profession and other activities.
    There is so much said in the book and Podcasts about how to eat carbs around training, timing and why, which is understood, but here is my question.

    If you don’t have a sedentary job, which I do not as I’m sure many others don’t either, I’m a Auto mechanic,I walk about 4mi. , squat with anything I do, lift heavy objects overhead, push/pull constantly exacting force on objects on a daily basis, how do I or persons with similar active jobs get our base caloric needs figured out? Do I ignore my “Work Load” in it because I’ve been doing it so long? Sometimes I’m drained from work and have to lower my working weight to get through. I’m about to turn 50, I feel the best I ever have at any point in my life and want to continue to get leaner with more Muscle Mass naturally. Is this my 2 steps forward 1 step back? Not trying to bulk then cut then bulk again, just trying to be consistent . At my highest weight I physically could not eat more, I was at about 3000 cal. Daily, Bison, Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken ,Tuna, eggs,Shakes, salads , sweet potatoes, minimal grains, with ice cream as my typical backload.
    Sorry if it’s a stupid question, just looking to be my best. Thank you Kiefer for helping me to get healthy


    Robert Haas

    Same here on the physically active job. I eat carbs (potatoes, rice, sweet potato) most every night otherwise I’m just too depleted for the next day. I do eat more carbs after training than non-training.

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    Richard Schmitt

    You might have to do some carbs everyday, especially your off days just because of how demanding your job is. Sure you could just backload only after training days, and try to get enough fats with protein in on your off days, but you said it yourself you feel too depleted going into your training session. I also have a job where I walk around a lot, the occasional sprints, lifting heavy objects, and carrying them around. When I raised my carbs to around 400g a training day (4x a week) plus around 125g on non training days, I was losing weight slowly but my training performance was outstanding and my work performance was on point. I would just suggest experimenting a bit.


    Robert Boehm

    Thanks for the input , more tinkering I guess. I’ve been tracking my intake well so I’ll make some adjustments and see what happens

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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New to Forum, not new to CBL, question for Kiefer's or Whomever can relate /Help

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