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    Colin Roberts

    Well hello fellow…umm Kiefer cultists? hahaha.

    Anyways I’m Colin a coach out in Kingston, ON, Canada (anyone close message me!) I’ve recently started a coaching business and I’m trying my hand at helping people change their perspective on our industry. I, like everyone else here, love Body IO and the people associated. Carbnite and Carb Backloading are frameworks I like to use regularly and honestly have had a fair amount of success with. No bs here, I have read Carb Backloading and done the homework on Carb Nite to build frameworks that I personally use and teach.

    I started out maybe like quite a few here, on the physique side of things with the usual prescription of way too much boring feed. I found the Renegade Diet first and that started to change my mind on things and found Carb Backloading shortly after. Have to say honestly, it changed my life.

    In terms of the fitness side, I run a hybrid program as I like to program for everyone in a way that suits the person and sometimes that requires me to grow. I have background in the physique world, some strength work, movement theories, and a fair amount of conditioning experience. I use my skills to create a holistic approach that can impact someone in a relatively short amount of time, and I find really brings transparency to new people trying out coaching.

    Anyways that’s enough for now, I shall be lurking and maybe contributing if I can help someone out.

    Thanks for ready, it’s a pleasure to join this community!

    A Synapse Trainer

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