Pause press?

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    I couldn't find a definite instruction for the level x pause press in shockwave. I can make a guess but I'd rather have someone explain to me the actual correct way to perform those reps. Anyone know for sure?



    Kinda confused here, too.Especially in pushpress and deadlift.These are both kind of pause - press movements by themselves, so?


    I think doing 90-100% 1 rep max is more the goal with these movesrather then ELECT style where you don't end up as heavy but you explode concentrically.It's at least how I do it so I hope I'm right, haha.


    Pause presses…A push press is a perfect example of a pause press. You pause with the weight onĀ  you and press the weight up. It is all about pushing the weight from a dead position. No momentum, muscle has a spring like functionality so this eliminates that...Another example is a floor press, because you bring your elbows to the ground and from that deaded position you press up



    Can't really say that push press has no momentum…


    Brandon D Christ

    Can't really say that push press has no momentum...

    I agree, I don't really pause when I push-press, however the pause-press in shockwave is a bench press where you lower the bar to your chest, pause for about 2 seconds to remove momentum, then explosively press the bar.


    Great. Thanks guys. That's exactly what I was thinking but I'd much rather get opinions than do something totally wrong!



    When I pause-press/pull on anything, which is Bench, Squat, OHP and Deads. I stop completely for 1-2 seconds, remove all momentum, and then finish the rep. I only do about 85-90% of 1RM to ensure that I can complete the rep without a spot. Kiefer specifically states this is for CNS activation and to not let your ego get the best of you, otherwise you could actually hinder gains.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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Pause press?

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