Peer pressure is what all the cool kids are doing

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    привет!  My name is David and I am 24.  I powerlifted (non-competitively) in high school, but an unfortunate cartwheeling incident led to a glenoid labrum tear, so all physical activity stopped.  In college, I discovered Guinness and DP Dough.  All this combined led to the sausage fingers that I now type with.  I yo-yo dieted for some time, all the while reading Muscle & Fitness.  The March issue came and I learned of carb backloading, which is one reason how I'm back below 230 for the first time in years.  Yay for success and sugary desserts.


    Richard Schmitt

    Welcome to DH! Glad to have you, and that peer pressure worked! Congrats on your results too. What was your typical Carb-Backloading day like?


    Naomi Most

    I love your thread title, I just wanted to say that.Glad you made it here.



    the first time I tried it I stuck to whole wheat bagels, bread, sweet potatoes, etc.  I didn't actually experience any visible results until my most recent (and current) iteration, where all those wholesome goods were swapped for Colby Cheez-its, danishes, sweet tarts (pure fat-free dextrose), and stuff that I previously eschewed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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Peer pressure is what all the cool kids are doing

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