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    So, I've been running CNS all fall to get some weight off and the week before Thanksgiving, I just lost it.  Couldn't deadlift 350# for more than a single and my conditioning was sluggish and not improving.  I had lost about 14ish pounds and my abs were starting to come out, but it was at great cost to my performance.  I started backloading around 300g of carbs at night with dinner (mostly bread and rice) and the result during this and last week's training has been PHENOMENAL. for 5.  Yes, I know my hips get pretty high on the last few reps, but that's just a single ply Weightlifting belt, bandage type wraps and no straps.  I'm pretty pleased. hang clean from the hip.  This is 1kg under my best clean from the floor and I'm 10lbs lighter here.  The straps were a necessary evil for the clean because I am currently unable to hookgrip from bashing the shit out of my thumb a few weeks ago.What's more, the Kiefer cleanse and the weeks spent in ULC seemed to have really cut down on my joint inflammation.  I used to take Celebrex (Rx strength anti-inflammatory) twice a day and would be unthinkable to lift without it.  I haven't taken it since September!  That's a bigger win in my book than ab veins.


    Robert x Oleary

    Wow man, That's awesome, especialy given the chronic inflammation issues. Much respect!


    Wow man, That's awesome, especialy given the chronic inflammation issues. Much respect!

    Thanks man.  I come from a long line of men in my family on BP medication, knee replacements, statins and type 2 diabetes.  While I'm conscious of aesthetics, I'm not getting ready for the stage so these benefits are more than enough for me.2015 will be the year of my 300# clean.  I can feel it.


    Rob Haas

    Nice work! Now that you mention inflammation issues. At 56 I have noticed far less aches and pains myself than before CBL.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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Performance/Health results CNS/CBL

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