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    Hi. My name is Luca and I am new to this forum. I have few questions to ask regarding CBL. Well, first of all is the fact that i usually train at around 11am/12noon completely fasted. In this scenario and based on the book I should be backloading the evening BEFORE my workout, correct? In other words, if I work out M/W/F then I should backload Sun/Tue/Thu right? Second, after my workout I should just have about 30/50gr carbs (like a banana) and some protein and then revert back to Non carbs until my next backload...right?Secondly, and where I am really confused, is the calories. Are you guys still counting these or what? Until now I have been following - more or less - a lean gains protocol for cutting. So +10% above TDEE on workout days and -30% below TDEE on rest days. I've really leaned out - I would say that I am now below 10%BF, but have lost strength and trying to hit 1690 calories 4 days a week sucks big time.Should I still e looking at calories compared to my TDEE or do you guys work this?Bear in mind that I am lean already, (I am 50 yrs old by the way). I am not starting off at 25% BF and I certainly do not want to put on any fat. My objective is leaning out - perhaps even more - but not lose any more muscle tissue which I think I have lost, (a bit anyway). Besides the loss of strength just trying to keep calories solo low on non workout days is really sad and difficult.If anyone can give me some info and advice I would really appreciate it.Thanks



    1.  Props to you on willingness to start CBL at 50 2.  you are correct in that 11am training requires night before backloading 3.  If one of your goals is leaning out, I would avoid the post-wo carbs, and just stick with a Whey/leucine shake .          ----Maybe use a bit of Maltodextrin/dextrose? (I would ask some experienced guys like BigTex or SanosukeX about this ) 4.  As far as calories go, eat slightly above maintenance as a baseline, but it involves a lot of trial and error.  Find an amount that works well for you in terms of leaning out and gaining strength.  5.  On non workout days, eat ULC until you are full.  Make sure to eat adequate protein and LOTS of fat.  (This is what I do and have had success). Once again, go by the feel of things.  If you gop overboard with the ULC calories, you will most likely stall.  If this happens, dial it down a bit GOOD LUCK!

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Questions about CBL

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