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    Have been using the app for a month and really enjoy it for the most part.My issue is frequently when doing a PSR set, and clicking the "done" box, for some reason it simply ends my workout. Today it happened while doing Incline Press - So I had almost the entire workout w/o the app (have all the exercises saved into Evernote, because this has happened a few times). Is there anyway to go back and add in the reps I did afterwards, or to re-open the app somehow?Thanks.


    Richard Schmitt

    Not entirely sure don't think so. I wouldn't worry about the numbers from that workout just use the app as a guide then fix it when you workout again.


    Peter Hunt

    If you use the full cross trainer app (with shockwave plugin) then you can edit the weight but unfortunately can't add in reps. I've had it glitch on angled calf press PSR more than once, when clicking on the green button before clicking the rest timer it ruins the entire exercise. Bit annoying and as those reps then show up blank you can't add them in.



    The Apps flexibility and UX design suck. I've had the issue where I set a workout plan and you cant modify, move or delete it.


    Tiago Nicolau

    I have this issue too, both of them, the fix for the unmovable plan is to reinstall the app, worked for me!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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Shockwave App Issues

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