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    Would 4:30 of brisk walking, followed by 0:30 of hardcore sprinting for 6 rounds be acceptable instead of an exercise bike? I'm leaning that way, but I'll probably end up using a rower at a slow pace (damper on 1) for 4:30, then turning it to 10 and pulling like Hell for 0:30.Also, has anyone tried subbing the cardio-type exercise for something anaerobic? For example, instead of doing 30 min of the above mentioned HIIT work, do something like 3 Power Cleans at 70% 1RM every minute on the minute for 20 minutes... Prob do that after abs on Wed, and HIIT on Sat...Also, I workout in my garage, and have basic barbell and dumbbell set-up, but no machines. That said, what's everyone using as substitutions for some of the machine-exercises? Leg extensions, angled leg press, and high wide face pulls, for example.... Leg curls are a big one... I was going to sub deadlifts, then I realized that Deadlifts were already programmed on back day... Maybe Romanian DL instead of leg curlsDo the aforementioned personalizations keep the workout in line to accomplish what it was meant to?



    So, after doing my first 4:30/0:30 hit session on the c2 rower this mining, I learning a few things…. 1) rowing sucks. 2) each sprint interval involved 15-16 hard pulls…. This gives me the idea that 15 submaximal pulls in 5 minutes will transfer over well with 3 power cleans at submaximal weight every min.... Every 5 minute period will consist of 15 pulls.... And since no one has responded to my post.... I guess I'm forced to "hold what I've got" and give it a go....


    Richard Schmitt

    Yes to the first question.No I have not personally but might work the dame.



    Hi, i do bodyweight training at home so i had to replace some exercises to do some BB routines. I never try with shockwave but i'd done that for heavy duty for CBL. May be i ve the workout in my old logs at home. For hiit, i do it on a bike with a 30/2'30 ratio work/rest. Put to 10 and go balls out !Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free



    This gives me the idea that 15 submaximal pulls in 5 minutes will transfer over well with 3 power cleans at submaximal weight every min....

    I don't know energy systems well, but I'm not sure how transferable your proposed substitute is for 30s of hard sprinting. I don't think HIIT is meant to be based on work density; I'm thinking the benefits of it(being in an oxygen-deprived state) only come from the continuous block of all out intense work.I'm not sure what the exact purpose of the HIIT is in the context of SW(just for fat loss/glycogen depletion?) so it's hard to say if your method will fit in. Just try it out and see what happens; I'm sure it won't destroy the essence of the program.

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Shockwave questions

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