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    Hi all, I need some help. I’ve been following CNS for 2 months. I had a rocky start and had to do my 10 days a couple of times but now I think I’ve got it. I have a friend helping me out who has been through this with several folks and we are both stumped. I weigh 190, am 5’4″ and am a fairly sedentary person (office job 8-5). I do pilates and some other basic exercises most mornings for about 30 min. I have not lost a single pound since the 4 pounds I took off the first weekend I started. My carbs average around 23g each day, my fat intake averages 170g per day and my protein is around 135g per day. My caloric intake is around 1600 per day. Please offer me suggestions as to what might be going on. Thanks


    Makoto Tomizawa

    Your macros actually turn out to be around 2100 kcal. So that could be (not saying it is) a reason. You could tweak some things around.
    Also, what does your actual Carb Nites look like? You could be (again, not saying you are) completely undoing the weekly deficit that you might be creating during the ULC days. I’d actually swap the fat and protein amounts around. Maybe even lower the fat at little.

    Training Log:


    Richard Schmitt

    I would suggest bringing your protein up to match the amount of fat you’re having. I would start trying to walk a bit since you’re sitting at a desk a majority of the day, and I would be cautious of your CNs since you are not very active.


    Penny Danner


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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Stuck, in need of help

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