Study: Resveratrol bad for thyroid?

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    Erik Olafson

    This is a very preliminary animal study, and I’m not very science literate (most of it is Greek to me), but it would seem to suggest that further study might be advisable before using high doses of resveratrol in cases of poor thyroid function function (i.e. T3-Fuel). Believe me, I hope I’m wrong (just ordered 6 bottles). Any thoughts?


    Brandon D Christ

    If you look in the discussion section, the dosage used was about 50 mg/kg (reported as 10 micro mol/l) which would be over 3,000 mg for most people. A much higher dosage than in t3 fuel.

    Also the rats did not experience a significant change in tsh or other thyroid hormone panels. They didn’t report the findings (which makes you wonder), but they hypothesize it would take a longer treatment.

    Anyways I think this study just shows that you may need to supplement with a small amount of additional sodium and iodine. That’s all. T3 fuel already has iodine and there is no shortage of sodium in most people’s diets.


    Robert Haas

    I stopped reading when it got to here: “With respect to the thyroid, few data are available on the effects of resveratrol on thyroid function”

    IMO all this hype about “you need this supplement” really is overblown. You really only need a supplement if you are deficient. I’ve read plenty of studies suggesting that certain thyroid problems are made worse by iodine supplementation. check this:
    Taking supplemental iodine and getting sufficient amount in your diet can actually cause thyroid problems.

    I’m not downing T3 fuel, just suggesting that if you take it and it works, great. But do the research before adding any new supplement especially if you know you have a problem as Thyroid symptoms are complex and often misleading.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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Study: Resveratrol bad for thyroid?

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