The Gold Standard for HIIT

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    I'm a heavier guy on CNS with 10% BF to lose, so the first three days of my week include HIIT.  I've tried everything–C2 rowing machine, kettlebell swings, spin bike, sled pulls/push and NOTHING works as good as…the Schwinn Airdyne.  The metrics are easy to read and track, there is very little technique and perceived rate of exertion is almost immediate.Even better, I keep mine in my living room.  I picked up a used one (but still commercial grade) on craigslist for $350.  A steal for how much use I get out of it.I structure my HIIT like in CBL, with diminishing lengths as the week goes along.Day 1:  5 x 2min on (400 watts or above), 4 min easy pedalingDay 2:  6 x 1min on (500watts or above), 3 min easyDay 3:  8 x :30 on (600 watts or above), 1:30 easyThere is nothing that taps into that deep, deep pain so quickly.  You also get the bonus of a GNARLY VMO pump.Anyone else have experience with these things?


    I'd agree, it's one of the best ways to do HIIT


    Penny Danner

    I've been doing bike sprints since I hurt my foot!  Love them!


    Robert x Oleary

    Modified Wingates have become my HIIT/Torture of choice while I bulk. I'm a bit of a BPAK Fanboy, and got the idea from one of his podcasts, but I've been sold since the first time I tried to complete 10 sets and and had to quit and couldn't walk very well after 8. Done in 9-15 minutes depending on how many sets you want to do (6-10) with virtually no risk to joints. Requires a stationary bike though (ideally spin bike). Links on info about Wingates

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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The Gold Standard for HIIT

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