Transition from StrongLifts/GreySkull for fat loss

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    E L

    Hi there – I’m a 24 year old female, 5’2 and about 22-24% bodyfat at 112 lb. I put on a great deal of muscle in the last 10 months after beginning weight lifting with strong lifts 5×5, and now greyskull LP as squatting before my upper body lifts was killing my PRs.

    My main goal is to lean down but not lose muscle and hopefully continue to slowly build muscle.

    I do mostly a super low-carb diet, sometimes my own take on carbnite every 2 weeks. I seem to respond very well to glucose but not fructose or sugar, and don’t get very hypoglycemic the next day as long as I don’t overdo/binge on carb nite.

    My questions about shockwave mainly deal with the exercises – I find some of them rather complicated to setup in my gym (I don’t have access to decline bench setup nor seated calf raise machine nor smith machine but there are plenty of free weights, power racks, leg press, leg curl/extension machines and cable machines. )

    – Are there any good substitutions using simpler setups/exercises? I am very used to only 3 main exercises per workout that I have been able to perfect – bench, row or pull down, deadlift, squat, military press.

    – Can shockwave be made into a 3-day split? I work 9-5 an hour away and hike (steep, 4-10 miles) 1-3 times a week as well as play mild tennis, so I let those activities serve as my cardio. a lot of my hikes are like HIIT due to sustained steep climbs that shoot my heart rate up and force me to pace myself/rest.

    – ELECT squats – I am used to performing very heavy (80-95% bodyweight) LOWBAR squats for sets of 3-5 with barbell. Leg day on shockwave has ELECT squat sets – is it advisable to perform lighter weight squats with dumbells or otherwise? I thought goblet squats might be good, but I’m honestly kind of nervous about lowering my intensity and weight lifted with such an integral movement as the squat, but could both the danger of doing an ELECT set up to 90% bodyweight and the time it would take to switch plates might be detrimental to the effectiveness of ELECT?


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    Richard Schmitt

    1) There can be substitutions depending on which ones you wanted to change.
    2) If you have GainsFitness on the Apple platform, you can modify Shockwave to your needs, that is if it is still on there.
    3) ELECT sets usually ramp up as this: 30%; 50%; 60%; 70%; 75% or 77.7%, so you won’t have to worry about hitting 80%+ on SW Leg Day. The rest in between these mini-sets is perfect when swapping plates out.


    E L

    thanks, Big Tex! So just focus on swapping for same overall muscle group since goal is fat loss anyway?

    I don’t have any apple device. 🙁

    the elect info makes sense, so you’re just not lifting as heavy even at the end. thats of 1 rep max, right? I’ll usea 1RM calculator to figure these weights, then. When and how do you suggest increasing weight?

    In your experience does shockwave work well for leaning down and preventing CNS burnout? I’ve had some symptoms of CNS burnout in the past with very heavy low rep workouts as described above, especially eating at a deficit. I just hope the stimulus on shockwave is enough to indeed continue to build muscle at what looks like a deload on paper.


    E L

    P.S. I wish there was a video for ELECT squats.

    from what I read, 3 second descent (lower body), drop at bottom, explode up, correct?


    Makoto Tomizawa

    While I’ve never gone more than a day on Shockwave, I believe it was written to be done while on Carb Nite, so the intensity and whatnot is set up to fit that.
    I also think there are still some videos from the past on YouTube by Dangerously Hardcore. I’m not sure if you’ll find one you’re specifically looking for, but it might be something.

    Training Log:


    Richard Schmitt

    Shockwave was written to do with CNS, a very good program that won’t hurt with CNS, unless you go overboard with HIIT or something like that. Increasing the weights could be based on the “Level X” set for that specific movement. If that feels lighter than before, you could increase that weight, then increase you ELECT along with it. The rep it self is a tempo rep, so 4-0-1-0, 4 second descend, quick turn around, explode back to the beginning.

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Transition from StrongLifts/GreySkull for fat loss

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