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    Michael Brown

    so get this i had a fucked up diet protocol involving fasting but i broke it and continued it spuratically and taking alot of high iodine herbs. i went extreme now my thyroid is swelled i found kefier i was seeing ghosts and it was a primitive diet from a so-called doctor probably does voodoo.
    i need to recover and get on with the protein the fasting taught me BS about protein-starch and taught me the guru protocol whih was high mineral diet only with strong herbs. CUT TO THE CHASE my thyroid is swelled and im hyperthyroid my sex drive has been effected and i was in worse shape months prior. its like i was religious fanatic that couldnt listen to any sense. PLEASE HELP. aparently bugleweed is an herb i already have that is an agent that is antagonistic towards thyroid hormone and will slow down the swelling but my hearts beating fast and it FEELS very urgent and i guess it will get better or ill just die.. jk gonna see the doc soon and hopefuly all checks out well but please if anybody has any experience and thinks they can help me out please do. BTW im very ectomorphic im trying to put on some muscle. i guess im worried about recovery and building i started strength training THANKS KEIFER




    Richard Schmitt

    I would contact Dr. Rocky Patel through his Facebook page or his clinical Facebook page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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