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    Naomi Most

    Hi everybody,Some of you have asked to know more about me.Wellllll... I met Kiefer around spring of 2008, when I was kicking around in a 24Hr Hour Fitness gym. I can't remember why we met, honestly, but it turned out we were both big into science and big into evidence-based approaches to lifestyle.  We hung out and ate sashimi a lot, and since I had a science talk radio show at the time, I invited Kiefer to chat on the air a few times. It was fun.So, some of you who've been around DH for a while may know me as DJ Prefect.http://www.dangerouslyhardcore.com/7/the-science-of-bodybuilding/What's funny is that Kiefer gave me a copy of his book, Carb Nite, and I read it and just didn't see how to make it work within my own nutritional dogma at the time (eat it all raw, get tons of antioxidants from fruits and veggies). So I never tried it.I was actually raw pescaterian, getting something like 50% of my calories from fruit. It was ridiculous, but I didn't feel any ill effects at the time -- other than being at 25% bodyfat most of the time and that was ONLY if I was diligent about working out for 2 hours every other day, riding my bike or walking everywhere, etc.Fast-forward to 2011. It had been 5 months after I had my first baby, and while my fitness level had increased, my body fat level just wouldn't budge.  Basically because I was doing all the wrong things.Things change when you become a parent. You lose a lot of patience for things that just don't work, and your time becomes incredibly constrained.I wanted to stop being pudgy, and I knew there were proven ways of doing it. None of them involved fruit. I was finally ready to drop the dogma and do things right.I started with the Bulletproof Diet, sort of a toxin-reduced version of the Paleo Diet. That made me FEEL better, but as I have a weakness for sweets, it was still too easy to justify overeating fruit and nuts, and my eating patterns were completely disordered.That's when I switched to a Paleo version of Carb Nite and actually got RESULTS. It took maybe 3 weeks to get down to about 22% bodyfat from 26%.I also did Turbulence Training workouts, because I liked that they were total-body workouts scripted to be completed within 20 minutes, and you only had to do them every other day.  Plus I was still pretty weak from the birth, so not ready to lift heavy in the gym (my 5-rep-max deadlift was like 50lbs for the first month of doing this).Combining Carb Nite with Turbulence Training was kind of the silver bullet.NOW...I have worked up to squatting my bodyweight (130lbs), and deadlifting 160lbs (as of 2 days ago), and benching 80lbs. These are all-time personal bests for me because I never really cared about raw strength before.Now I'm hooked on powerlifting, I watch people do their workouts on EliteFTS every other day, and I'm back into rock climbing again (which makes me very very happy).  The "me" of a few years ago would not recognize the me of today.Oh, and I still do Turbulence Training, but I can't really challenge my raw strength that way, so I treat it as interval cardio that I do about 3 times a week in the morning.Sometime around the summer, Kiefer let me know that he'd finally gotten serious about getting the Carb Back-Loading book together, and didn't think he could do it without someone kicking his ass to get it done.  That's where I came in to the Dangerously Hardcore scene, and where most of you met me.In October, following my last week in a Carb Nite cycle, I switched to Carb Back-Loading. I got to the point where, at 20% bodyfat, I really didn't have a reason to lose more fat. I like how I look (so does my boyfriend), and I'm more interested in continuing to build strength.Plus I feel like one of the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to women using Carb Back-Loading. There's no reason for females not to do it -- there are tons of advantages, including the ability to conspicuously consume "fattening" foods in front of your chubby girlfriends and not put on a pound, tee hee -- but the program still needs some interpretation, some caveats, etc.Phew!!  Am I done? Do you want to know more?Here's my personal website where you can see pics of my progress:http://postpartumpunk.comAnd you'll find more if you google my name ("Naomi Most"), as I'm a writer or blog owner in many different places.Cheers... thanks for reading!



    Awesome post Naomi! I'm sure I speak for everyone on here when I say that I truly appreciate all the hard work you put into this website. Oh, and congrats on all the progress you've made so far!


    Richard Schmitt

    Yes this was a great post! Finally got the chance to understand how is it The Great Naomi got involved with this. Like robhally said, it is greatly appreciated of all the hard work and all the effort that you do. On and off the website. Being a parent, having a social life, working out, and keeping up with the website/book I'd say you truly are a Superhero. Thank you again for everything, congratulations on the progress you have accomplished, and keep up the great work!

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Who is this Naomi chick…

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