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    nidia pacheco

    I’ve been on CN for 6 months and am having results but I want to switch up my macros to see greater fat loss. I’m thinking of doing a 1:1 fat:protein ratio. Currently I’m doing .65-.8:1 ratio with protein being 140g. How do I figure the 1:1…do I do 140g for both, do I drop both numbers to my goal weight 130# or to my lean body mass 103#? HELP!

    Female 31
    Starting weight: 165#
    Current Weight: 153#
    Workout: heavy weight lifting 3x’s a week plus occasional HIIT or tabata once a week

    Thanks in advance


    Makoto Tomizawa

    This is just my opinion, but if you’re working out that much, I think the higher protein ratio would serve you better.
    Also, if what you’re doing right now is still working for you (and it seems like it’s working well) I wouldn’t change it until you really stall for a good few weeks.

    Are you getting enough calories though? It seems like you’re getting around 1400~1500 kcal with that macros. If you do decide to increase the fat amount, I’d keep the protein the same. That’ll get you up to around 1800 kcal, which seems good with your activity level.

    Nice work on your progress though 🙂

    Training Log: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vuwHRdBaPVILxxLhXly_N1Ys66Hcwk4j-bM7nvKSLrI/edit?usp=sharing


    Tara Chantler

    Great work so far!!!

    I agree. With that much working out you should be gettin in at least 1g/Body weight minus 10# (that’s what I do) I stay within a range for my workout days and off days. High end being workout days and low being the non workout days… unless my body tells me I’m hungry, then I eat more. I also find that the more I listen to my body the less stress I have and also the FEWER cravings I have. This past week I have had no cravings what-so-ever! Winning! BTW I’m 29, lift HEAVY 3xs per week. I took out all HIIT, but I walk my dogs and go for bike rides with my son too. Good luck!

    Also, I found that if I did a 1:1 ratio I gained fat… just me tho…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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1:1 ratio help

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