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    My earth shaking moment was when I went to the Orthopedic reference right hip stiffness. He asked are you in pain? I said no. He asked are you sure? I jumped off the table and said no. His words were chilling, you will be. He said my only way of slowing the degeneration was to lose weight. As I stumbled out of office I felt really old. After sulking for a day. I said hell no, I will not go quietly without a fight. I have been working out since my teens. I am a 52 year old soon to be retired firefighter. My diet was always my enemy. I would lose weight and get weaker, quit the diet get stronger. Low carbs was always the most effective for me but I would hit the wall, progress would stop and energy levels would crash.I read the article in Mens Fitness on CN back in earl November. I started there. The first 2 week were maddening. I lost no weight yet I felt my pants looser. I stopped looking at the scale and started measuring my wait with a tape measure. I have lost about 1 1/2 off my waist but only lost about 5 lbs of body-weight.I many questions and I am very happy the forum is open for business.


    Naomi Most

    Hi Eddie,I'm glad you found your way to Dangerously Hardcore, and well done at least figuring out the low-carb-for-fat-loss angle on your own.  I wish I could coax my relatives anywhere near it, but they still insist on packing low fat salad dressings and margarine into their fridge because it's "healthy". Sounds like you're making great progress so far -- I hope you'll keep us updated.--Naomips. Firefighters are my heroes! I take my toddler by the fire station on walks so we can look at the engines. ("TRUCKS!")


    I love to see someone who isn't in their early 20's I know a few of the people on here including Kiefer aren't, but I like to see not so young people because it gives true stay power of the diet in my mind. I figure if you can do this and have it work even once your metabolism has slowed down some we have a winner.Great results already Eddie.



    Thank you Naomi for the kind words. It has been honor to serve. IJ, Keifer has shaken the diet world and I am happy to be along for the ride. EddieB

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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