Any thoughts? CNS & Carb Shock

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    Stanley Buck

    Need some advice, doing CNS, working out using shockwave and working out in the a.m. I have ordered Carb Shock and will be taking one hour after work out. Going low carb rest of day. On Carb night workout, later in day then Carb Shock and then indulge. Also, doing HIIT one to two times a week. What do you all think?
    Not sure where to post this, so going to post in a couple of places.


    Joseph Farming

    Sounds like an ideal plan to me

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    Stanley Buck

    Thanks for the input will try to keep up on progress



    I am on CNS and I on my 5th box of Carb shock. I did not read all the ingredients until the 5th box. I noticed carbshock contains 10 grams of dextrose, does this count as 10 grams of carbohydrates for the day? I started counted those 10 gams of dextrose just last week, some days I am 30grams and other days under that threshold. I think I may have been in the 40 grams range of carbs per day do to taking carbshock ( 4 boxes worth). Also, I workout in the A.M. and trying to take advantage of burning fat by not eating carbs, I only drink coffee with heavy cream in it until my carbshock. Does carbshock put a hold on that fat burning because of the dextrose?




    The process in creating Carib Shock was more difficult than he thought because nothing like this was on the market.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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Any thoughts? CNS & Carb Shock

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