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    Benjamin Fuchs


    In May I purchased the e-book Carb Nite Solution and started right away mid-May with ULC. Since then I still have the same weight and belly fat as I´ve had before. So my question is, how long will it take to see progress? I´m sticking to the diet – in the morning I eat eggs or Protein pancakes, for lunch I´m drinking a Protein shake with water and for dinner I eat meat or fish with some vegetables. For the Carb Nite I get a good load of Carbs and Protein for a couple of hours. Water intake 4-5l each day. As a supplement I´m consuming Omega 3 fishoil caps.

    Facts and history about myself:
    I´m 1,80m tall, around 97kg, three times a week I go to the Gym at 6AM (therefore CBL is not an option for me) – currently I´m training the Fortitude program from Dr. Scott Stevenson.
    On 1st June I made a BIA measurement – I got 13,8% overall body fat (mainly mid section). To reduce my belly fat was my main goal I started with ULC.
    Maybe worth to mention that I´m already for about 3 years on Low Carb to keep my weight. Back then I started with 111kg and lost more than 20kg within 8 months. Meantime I gained again a few kg – but luckily that´s not just fat 😉

    I´m willing to proceed with ULC, I´ve no problem at all with discipline. My only concern is, if there should be already more progress maybe my body is not Carb Nite Solution “compatible”?!

    any advice is highly appreciated
    kind regards from Austria,


    Madelyn Carrizales

    When you eat ULC, are you making sure to get enough fat? I heard Kiefer say once on the podcast that he’d like everyone to drink coffee with three Tbsp of heavy cream with each meal to make sure that the fat is high enough on the low carb days, then, of course, lower fat when eating Carb Nite.


    Benjamin Fuchs

    Hi Madelyn,

    thanks for replying. Heard that also. Although I´m not drinking my coffee with heavy cream, I prefer it black ;-), I eat enough fat.

    regards, Ben

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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Carb Nite progress

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