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    Hello DH forum. I have been doing Leangains and what I thought was backloading for quite a while. I bought Kiefer's book and have been doing CBLing since. I am having really good results, and not to blow smoke up anyones ass but Kiefer's shit works. I am about 5'10″, around 203-205 morning weight, and estimating 9-10% bf. I am looking forward to getting more involved on this board.



    Glad to have you here. Which protocol are you considering? What type of training do you do? Did you do the Prep Phase? How did you find the Leangains stuff? I ask the last part as quite a number of people seem to have found CBL/ CNS after doing Leangains, Myself included.



    Thanks for the welcome, I enjoy reading your log. I am doing the Strength Accumulation till fall probably then will do density bulking. I did not do a prep phase. I go absolutely nuts with carbs at night and still wake up tight, but if I train 2 days in a row and do that I wake up a little soft. I dont train under really any system, the closest thing would probably be chaos and pain, as I have no structure. I am just about at a 405 barbell row, going for a 585 shrug, can squat 405 pretty easy but going for 500. Leangains to CBL is an easy transition. I seemed to look flat alot on Leangains and always look full on CBL, so its been nice.






    Thanks Allen.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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Glad to be here

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