Hello – Any other UK based CN/ CBL-ers?

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    Matt Filhol

    Hi everyone, new on the forums but been doing CN and CBL for years, very excited about the new books!

    I’m slowly managing to convince a few friends and family that CN/CBL rocks for health and performance but would love to meet people who are into this in the UK so we can share backloading tips and Carbnite feasts (our selection of ‘breakfast’ cereals is rubbish compared to the US)

    Massive thanks to Kiefer and the Team for the output over the years, keep up the good work!


    Emil Vangelov

    Hi Matt,

    I’m new on this forum too, but I’ve been on CN on and off for near enough a year and I just started CBL about a week ago.

    As far as cereals go I think the closest one to the notorious Fruity Pebbles ( nutritionwise )in the UK is Coco Pops or Rice Krispies. Tesco have an American Foods isle where I’ve seen Cocoa Pebbles.

    I’m a massive Kiefer fan and I can’t wait to experience some CBL results ( I’m doing the Density Bulking and I’m using the Shockwave Protocol )


    Matt Filhol


    yeah I’ve been on the rice krispies for a while, can’t get enough (low sugar as well), my friends got me some lucky charms for my birthday > toxic breakfast cereal but pretty hilarious as a treat now and then.

    Your tesco has an american food isle!?! I think our Tesco is tiny (Worcester) and doesn’t have much on offer, whereabouts do you live? gonna have to look into these cocoa pebbles though – sound yummy!

    Good choice, let me know how you get on, I’m doing density bulking with CBL adjusted heavy duty, I had great progress on shockwave (even while cutting I got strength increases) but felt like switching it up for a bit over the winter.


    Emil Vangelov

    Hey Matt,

    I live in London.

    I had a deeper look into the Cocoa Pebbles and they’ve got hydrogenated fat in them.
    Perhaps not everything American is great.

    However I found something similar with better ingredients and very suitable macros.

    I think this fits the back loading part perfectly – it’s gluten free and sweetened with glucose syrup:


    Check it out, it tastes pretty good, too!

    Also, have you tried Ambrosia Low Fat Rice Pudding?

    I’m yet to try it but it sounds pretty good.


    Matt Filhol

    Nice, they’ve got it all in London!

    My perception of America (having never been there) is that everything is either amazing or junk.

    Good shout on the snaps, those used to be a fave of mine before I started (trying) to cut down on sugar.
    Do you limit sugar at all or do you find you get away with it? I find I’m pretty hit and miss with it but wonder if I could (or should) get away with having more.
    How’s CBL going? You look in prime condition to make the most of it, would be keen to know your experiences on both CBL and CN. People are often pretty shocked when they meet me and find out I’m pro low carb and minimal training (rather than 6 whole grain meals and loads of training)

    Funnily enough I was going to grab a tin of that the other week but I made my own instead with pudding rice and coconut milk, damn tasty and it goes really far (well… I ate it in one sitting but I was mighty full afterwards!) I’m a big fan of rice pudding (or any pudding> ex fat kid) so I’m always looking at sweet treat options.

    If you like/ need convenience food and manage potato well, I got through this as part of a Carb Nite and it went down a treat:


    David Hicks

    Hi guys!

    1st time on here and 2nd bite at doing cbl. Tried for a year or so and got the diet side fairly decent. Seen some results and felt great. Done nothing for the last year until this week. Would really love to get some workouts off you guys, I’m looking to add a little muscle any advice would be great.

    P.s I live in South Wales.

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Hello – Any other UK based CN/ CBL-ers?

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