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    Hi there. I was looking for some diet program to loose weight and finally last week read about CNS. I started cns and today is my 3rd day. But i dont have any solid idea what n how many meal should i eat on my ulc day.

    Iโ€™m 5feet 10inch tall having 76kg. Iโ€™m a student and doing moderate work out 3/4 times in a week for at least 1 hour including 20mins of cardio and rest 40mins of weight lifting but with machines not with dumble or barbel. Iโ€™m also not a breakfast person. Most of my days i remain fasting till 1pm or 2pm because i have to wake up early and travel to my university and attend classes and then again travel back to home so i take my first meal at around 3pm/4pm. Then i go working out.

    I have some questions regarding this CNS and would be delighted if i get some answers from any person who r already achieving success with CNS.

    1. What should i take on my breakfast? If m fasting from last night after having my last meal at 11pm? Usually i eat atleast a banana after waking up in the morning. Or a shake including fruits with yoghurt and almond milk. Is it OK to have those while m on CNS?

    2. Should i eat carbs more than 30g on my post work out meal or whatever i work out or not my carb must not exceed 30g on my ULC day?

    3. Should I take carbs more than 30g before going to bed?

    4. Can i eat fruits while m doing CNS?

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    Makoto Tomizawa

    Hello and welcome! Before I get to your questions, have you bought and read the book? All of your questions are answered in there, and if you haven’t bought a copy yet, I would highly recommend getting your hands on one.
    Now to answer your questions…

    1) No, you cannot have those anytime you are ULC.
    2) Less than 30 g carbs on an ULC day, period.
    3) Same as #2
    4) It’s probably not the best types of carbs to eat, but if you really are craving some, you can have some on your Carb Nite, but not on an ULC day.

    Training Log:



    Thanks Mt for ur reply.
    I haven’t read the whole book. But got the ideas from podcasts, utube videos and posts frommthis forums.

    Well as u suggest not to eat banana n smoothie or something like that after waking up ir beginning my day, so should i not eat breakfast? Is it ok for my bdy to starve till the next meal which i usually take at 3pm or later? Does my body still burn fat?

    Another thing to clearify that after work out should i still stick to consume 30g of carbs?

    Please clear my concerns.



    Makoto Tomizawa

    I havenโ€™t read the whole book. But got the ideas from podcasts, utube videos and posts frommthis forums.

    I would really recommend reading through it. You’ll not only understand the protocols, but also why and how it works. All your questions are answered in the book as well.

    You can eat breakfast, but it has to be ULC. Even if you don’t eat anything until 3 pm, from 11 pm ~ 3 pm is only 16 hours, and a lot of people on intermittent fasting protocol go that long or even longer. Your body won’t starve, so don’t worry about it. By not eating carbs for an extended period, your body will learn to utilize fat for fuel, including body fat. But then again, if you’re hungry, then you should eat.

    ULC day = less than 30 g carbs. It doesn’t matter if you train or not. You can have a protein shake with leucine to spike insulin, but no carbs.

    Training Log:



    Got the picture ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for those infos. Looking forward to seeing the result ๐Ÿ™‚ wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰



    interesting too

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