help with carb nite diet

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    hello everyone, this is my first post and new to carb nite.
    i have bought the book and really want to do this,
    im just a bit confused with what to do , 30g of carbs a day okay got that.
    but how much food do i plan in meals ,, just say chicken has 0 carbs can i eat a good amount of it.. the set out diet plan in book seems a bit low on the amount for me,,

    are you guys picking foods out of the list and adding it up till you get a nice daily menu under 30gcarbs
    even if it could consist of quite alot of meat eggs cheese cream,,

    please if anyone could help. i guess what i reaaly saying is can i up the amounts and keep carbs down or should i keep amount down too

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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help with carb nite diet

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