Help with protein/fat macros on CNS

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    Hi all,

    I have a couple of questions regarding macros on CNS. I am good with the <30g carb rule–that one is easy and I get my carbs from vegetables only on my ULC days or whatever is in eggs. What I am most confused about is protein and fat. I am currently 146 lbs, 5’6″ about 23% body fat and am a female in my 50’s. I only work out once or twice a week right now. My goal is fat loss and muscle maintenance or gain if possible. I have done LC or ULC before and am just really starting CNS. I have tracked my calories and macros on Fit Day in the past and am doing it now as well. Because I am so worried about eating too much protein, I have been eating somewhere in the range of 40-60g per day and then my fat is usually over 120g per day. So again, I just started CNS, but I have really been struggling to lose 10-12lbs for several years now which is why I decided to try CNS.

    Is there a formula or something that I can use to calculate protein on CNS? I have just heard so many different things about protein, that too much will turn into sugar and whatever, so I think I have been keeping it lower. I have heard .8g per lb of LBM, which for me is about 112lb of LBM and would be about 86g of protein per day. Is that about right? So I would get about 80 calories from carbs, 344 calories from protein and then the rest would be fat–which brings me to my other conundrum! How much fat?? If I stick with around 120g fat, that’s about 1080 calories in fat and when I add it all together, it comes out to about 1540 calories total for the day. So, if that amount of protein seems good, then all I should really need to do is just lower my fat as needed to lose, right?? If 80-90g of protein sounds better, I will try that. Right now with my lower protein, I do get hungry and so then I end up adding another coffee with HWC to quell it.

    I really would like just a little guidance on protein and fat so that I don’t have to keep completely changing things up. I don’t mind little tweaks, but I feel like I may just not be on the right track right now. Anyway, thanks for any help!


    Tony Sangimino

    100-140g for your size would be fine. Fats will depend on how “adapted” you are.

    Definitely start eating more protein.



    Thanks Tony. So when you say fat will depend on how fat adapted I am, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean the more fat adapted I am the less fat I need to consume? Or is it the other way?


    Steve Cauffiel

    I think it refers to the body’s ability to switch to and utilize fat stores for energy. Being more adapted means the body easily goes to fat stores for fuel and you’ll want to avoid taking in a lot of fat in order to keep your body accessing your fat stores. So yes, the more fat adapted you are, the less you want to take in.

    I think. lol Hopefully Tony will pop back in here and verify or shoot that down.


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Help with protein/fat macros on CNS

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