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    Started a ketogenic diet and lost 54.5 lbs in 22 weeks. (234.5 to 180.) Now, the ‘plan’ that I’m using is reintroducing carbs, and I’m finding myself not happy with the results. Beginning to consider long-term ketosis as a life-plan. I have a theory: Modern allopathic medicine has it backwards; ketosis is the normal metabolic state, and glucosis (don’t know if that’s a real word…) was an evolutionary answer to take advantage of unexpected bounty. HOWEVER, by the time that science was able to measure metabolic activity, the western diet was already biased away from it’s natural state, and into a state where bodies had adapted to a steady supply of carbohydrates. As a result, science and western nutritional thinking set the ‘glucosis’ state as the baseline. It’s understandable how science would make this mistake. However, my experience, and how I feel in my own skin tell me that it IS a mistake, and that ketosis is a much healthier baseline state, at least for me. So here I am, searching for answers and guidance. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to learning lots! 🙂

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Hey everyone! Just saying hi

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