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    I purchased my first book CBL, in 2013… I later discovered I needed CN instead due to the fat percentage I was handling… I then became a Kiefer follower and purchased all of his books… I did carbnite twice getting great results… the last 2 years have been crazy with my second son, born 15 years after my first one and one more coming, along with moving to a new city and work problems, moved me away from myself… When we found out about our third kid coming soon, I set the goal again, and been on CN for a month now and I want to see where I get when the baby is born, due in October/November… been doing alright, already dropped about 19 pounds (I’m now 209 pounds at 5’7″, but need other 25-30 to feel better. The main problems I’ve come across are: 1. haven’t been able to get Carb Shock since it is not shipped to Mexico, where I live. And the other one is to get the important raw materials for making low carb recipes especially for desserts. Particularly, I haven’t been able to get almond blend and heavy whipping cream… Any suggestions?


    Tony Sangimino

    You can try looking online for certain items in bulk, like almond flour blends and whatnot. Heavy whipping cream could also just be called heavy cream. You can use full fat coconut milk (goyo makes canned versions) in a lot of recipes as well for a replacement.


    Thanks a lot Tony, I’ve been around my city and found interesting substitutes…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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HI, getting to know the site…

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