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    Big German

    Hi!I am glad I found about all the great info Kiefer is putting out, and only regret that i did not catch on to back-loading sooner.  I am 39 years old, 6'3", 240 lbs and in the Armed Forces.  I have deployed twice in the last three years (most recently to Afghanistan).  I have always been a solid athlete in all sports (except my kryptonite - swimming - I have an extreme negative buoyancy which was difficult to overcome when I came on active duty).  I got serious about lifting during my deployment in 2008-09.  I progressed nicely during the 15 months I was away from home.  I lifted heavy and ate everything in sight for 2 months and got to 260, then switched diet and workout routine to get to a lean 230, but lost a lot of the strength. I hit a wall with little to no gains for a long time.  During the most recent deployment, I just got lean doing a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, etc. due to the lack of good equipment at my location.  I decided I wanted to get stronger again, but wanted to avoid the extreme weight gain I experienced before.  I want to stay lean.  I started back-loading two weeks ago after reading the article in men's fitness.  I am impressed with the strength gains I have made - especially on bench and DL.  I had been doing carb nite for six weeks prior to that to lean out for my bi-anual fitness test.  My shoulders, back and chest are getting bigger and my waist is about the same.  Looking forward to the book and getting dialed-in on this thing to get some solid results in the months to come. 


    Naomi Most

    Great!  I'll look forward to hearing more.Are you back home at this point?


    great to have you on


    Richard Schmitt

    Welcome to the DH Family!

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Intro to Big German

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