LISS / PWO + Meal / Finishing the Shockwave "Plan"

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    1. Is doing multiple LISS workouts in a week acceptable? When I have the time, I've really enjoyed starting my day with them, and then lifting on lunch break. It also seems to really help progress my fat loss. 2. How long after my PWO, should my next meal be. My schedule is insane right now, so sometimes I have no choice but to do my workout 1st thing in the am (fasted), and other times, my only time to get to the gym is at noon or 3pm. Anytime however, I have 50grams of Whey Isolate while leaving the gym. 3. I am about to finish my 5th week, which by way of the app, is all that is "planned" for me. Should I do a rest week after this 5th week, or just bust right into another round of shockwave. Please bear in mind, I am a rookie to lifting. Was just sort of doing pushups here and there before, but have been going to the gym 5-7 days a week for a month straight now (very proud of myself!). I have seen in some places, that when you are just starting off you need to go for 2 months straight before a rest week, and other times I have seen you should rest after a month. Any clarification would help greatly. Also - For anyone who is doubting shockwave, this really works. I've been doing ripped shockwave with CNS for a month now, have lost 7lbs, and as far as my caliper's can tell me all of it has been pure fat. My strength has increased on every movement, my arms have veins sticking out of them that I have never seen before, and I can fit into a suit that I couldn't even button one month ago. Thanks guys!!


    LISS is okay. I'm of the opinion that LISS is okay, it's MISS that you should avoid.I love starting my days with easy walks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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LISS / PWO + Meal / Finishing the Shockwave "Plan"

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