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    Hi to everyone.. When i was a kid I would see comics and movies with heroes and men huge strong and ripped but thought you have to be special to be like them. then i saw Rocky and all the fat and ridicule from people wouldn't stop me from serious iron destruction. It took several years of training and research to get ripped, I finally accomplished the massive feat only to hit another wall. I had lost pounds of precious muscle in the process, I went from 200lbs to 136lb. Now gaining it back has proven just as difficult I have maintained my body comp. for 4 years. Then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, I let my anti fat guard down and 2 weeks later my abs were gone. I couldn't believe it how could this happen in so a short period time I was pissed. I had an a epiphany if it can happen that fast it should be reversible just as fast so, more research is in order. Now with no fear of fat and my abs lost I began experimenting with diets and coffee. I ate what I wanted, cookies, cakes all the stuff I had been missing but drank gallons of coffee and training after a week i saw my abs returning and was shocked  . How did this happen I'm eating all trash with little regard to health yet my fat was leaving. Then I remembered an article Eat like a Pig and get Shredded I had disregarded from fear of changing my diet and possibly a fad diet that sounded to good to be true. but now after seeing that I could lose fat because of coffee and cookies I couldn't help but get excited I needed to understand the science behind it and learn the method. I began a Carbbackloading plan from what the article said and have gotten my abs back. now I want to get huge so I began more research into Keifer and found DH. Read everything available all the books CB, CNS and the shock wave freebie and anything relevant, we come to the present.I am currently on my Prep phase 7 days in since I hadn't done itmy stats are as follow 144lbs and 11% body fat  height 5' 6" BMI 22.4from the heart of an ex fat kid with with the goal to be ripped and huge.Miguel Quintana


    Stephen Davis

    Welcome and good luck!


    Naomi Most

    Your post made me smile.  I think my own fitness goals have a lot to do with having been a comic book nerd as a teenager, but I never even got close to my ideals for many years, having fallen for the worst of the fitness fads.And like you, I saw the immediate results I deserved from all those years within a few weeks by following Kiefer's recommendations.Thanks for sharing your story -- hope to read more of it here!


    Richard Schmitt

    Welcome aboard man, glad you made the switch! From the comic perspective, I really wanted to look like Superman for the longest time.

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