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    Michael Powell

    New on the forum. Just bought the book this evening and thought I'd introduce myself. I really look forward to learning as much as possible on this subject. A bit of back ground.... I need to clean up my act. I've been eating like a vacuum cleaner since last fall lol. I stubled into the carb back loading article on EFS. It sounded similar to what I was doing a year ago to lose fat only  this was way more methodical to what I was doing. ( limiting carbs thru the day and eating carby stuff after training in the evening)  Any way... see y'all on the boards. I'll be the guy asking all the stoopid ?'s.... 🙂


    Richard Schmitt

    No such thing as a stupid question, just one not asked. With that being said we'll help you when needed, and the search bar is a great way to find certain answers to a lot of questions you might have as well.Welcome aboard!


    Naomi Most

    Hey Michael, glad you made it to the forums!  As BigTex said, there are truly no stupid questions. But there are definitely certain questions that get asked a lot.  🙂So the FAQ section of the Carb Back-Loading forum is a good place to start.  And the Official Q&A section is the place to go for answers directly from the DH crew.Cheers and welcome.


    Michael Powell

    Thanks guys. So I read the entire 327 pages tonight while at work. Great stuff. I'm sure that I'll read it many times over so as to not miss anything and with all that info it prolly goes without saying that a few reads is prolly wise if not mandatory. I really like how “stupid easy” this is. Anyways, once I get my stuff in order I'll be sure to start a training / eating log. MAybe some before and during pics… “After pics” will be when I'm dead as I plan to do this for eternity haha. My biggest hurdle will be planning my day around my 12 hour rotating shift work. Days one week, nights the next 6a-6p or 6p-6a. I don't know which end is up half the time but it pays well. 🙂



    Welcome Michael. Good luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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