Seriously frustrated!! Could use some input on my 3 year CNS journey…

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    Tony Snow

    If we don’t challenge each other, how do we hope to get better.Tony Snow to his staff after a heated staff meeting.

    I love the dialog, and this was my goal, to get different opinions on what I can tweak.

    I wholeheartedly agree on trying something different if what one is doing is not working. It is not myopic if the tweak you implemented is working for you. It then becomes all encompassing…for you. It only becomes myopic if one believes the tweak that works for them will absolutely work for everyone. The most you can do is make the suggestion, and the individual will determine if it is yay or nay for them, sometimes, sadly, without even trying it. Meh, what are you going to do!?

    Just to clarify, when I go low fat, the next day is less about hunger and more about craving carbs and being hungry. When I go low fat and end my carb nite @ 10 PM, stuffed to the gills, @ 5 AM the next morning, I want to eat everything in the house, specifically carbs!!! It has even led to me cheating on the protocol when I was experimenting with it. Something I never do. When I go high fat, I can implement intermittent fasting the next day and usually have to force my self to eat at about 1 PM.

    I am not the type to tweak something for one or two days. I have been on CN for 3 years, and whenever I make a tweak, I am going to try it for 30-90 days. This is one of those tweaks that I guinea-pigged the hell out of myself with. The sweet spot for me is starting low fat and finishing not giving a damn (high fat). So I usually start with my protein/carb shake (no fat), then after an hour I will have rice and fat free gravy with grilled chicken breast or steamed shrimp or just the rice and gravy with a protein/leucine shake (no to low fat). After that, I eat what I want…

    The one thing I do know is that I was having better results when I upped the carbs, between 400-650. I think I lowered them when I started stalling to jump start things again and it may have backfired. I will definitely be shooting for a minimum of 400g for the next 30 days and I will be implementing the once every two hours spiking as opposed to grazing, just to see if that changes things.

    Let’s keep the dialog going, there really are no wrong answers, just different strokes for different physiology’s (I mean folks!).

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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Seriously frustrated!! Could use some input on my 3 year CNS journey…

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