Shock Wave Program – alternative to PSR set

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    I have the shockwave app on my phone and wondering if it’s possible to modify an exercise when it’s a PSR set? I am not comfortable with figuring out my 1RM. Can I modify it at all or shall I just do a couple/three sets with X amount of reps?

    Also…what would be best full body workout 2-3 x week or alternating upper and lower. I have 45 min/day during my lunch hour.

    Thanks so much


    Richard Schmitt

    The ELECT/PSR set is a helpful set that is strength based without taxing your nervous system since you’re on CNS. You could just go ahead and do 3-4 sets of 3 reps you can get comfortably without trouble, and at least have a rep or two left in the tank.


    Brandon D Christ

    I would just start with a weight that you know is easy. Then do three reps, then increase the weight. Keep doing this until it’s hard to squeeze out three reps. At this point you are done.

    I will say though I agree with you. Who the hell knows what their one rep max is for DB presses or upright rows?



    Wonderful thank you 😉


    Brian M Eckstrom

    just curious.. if you buy the actual shockwave package on the Gain app – is it the same routine as the shockwave pdf?


    Penny Danner

    Deucey, I did not buy the whole app and just looked at the free part…I’m assuming you’ve done that? And to me it seemed different than the pdf. I’m a paper/pencil girl so I liked the pdf and just created my own spreadsheet from it so I’d have those broken down for each workout.



    For most exercises ive used a ballpark value for 1Rm as a start. For example Squats i know my approx 5RM. Then added a few more kg. There are websites to estimate your 1RM from your 5, 10 or 12RM if you want to use a formula. Having done that, noted how Ive gone then adjusted up or down on the next workout depending on how I performed with the 5 sets. Even where I havent done an exercise eg 1 arm half row, its still possible to have an educated guess and adjust as you go. First week was a bit all over the place on a few exercises, but by the second week was up and running fine

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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Shock Wave Program – alternative to PSR set

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