Tired of being small!

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    Hello everyone. I am 30 years old, stand at 5'7″ and weight 148 pounds. About three years ago I realized that I was withering away being so active at work doing constuction. I had little fat, little muscle tone and no energy after work. I decided to start going to the gym when I got home a few times a week. I have stuck to it and absolutely love it. Working out is now my lifestyle. I have spent numerous hours on the computer and behind a magazine researching and learning so called proper nutrition and technique. My problem is that before I started lifting weights I weighed 142. I have only gained 6 pounds of muscle in 3 years! I stumbled onto DH in a recent Men's Health issue and was fascinated. I have been doing carb backloading for 2 months and have gained 2 pounds of muscle. I don't know if I am following it the way I should but it seems to be doing better than anything else I have ever tried. Thanks for all the info and support.My only question I have which I have not been able to find is the problem of clogging arteries or getting diabetis from all that sugary, processed food when loading. Is that an issue or even possible?Thanks


    Naomi Most

    Hey ElectricD,The nice thing about training hard is that you will actually USE all the sugar you're ingesting, and you will be deploying it at strategic times instead of ALL THE DAMN TIME as the Standard American Diet would have you do.Diabetes and diseases of systemic inflammation come about from having tons of unregulated glucose in the bloodstream.If you are really worried about diabetes (as many people should be), avoid FRUCTOSE intake while you're doing Carb Back-Loading. And even when you're not doing CB, for that matter.Also, you should find that if you do Carb Nite for a few weeks, your insulin sensitivity will improve and your body's ability to use fats for fuel will improve a great deal as well. That's part of the point of the 5-day intro phase of Carb Back-Loading, but my personal recommendation is that people who haven't worked out much and have been eating the SADiet for their whole lives should spend more time in ketosis.Clogged arteries aren't going to be a concern when you start metabolizing fatty acids for fuel for the vast majority of your waking hours.It's kind of amazing how much sense this diet makes even for overall long-term health. It dovetails really nicely with Paleo, too, if you're into that.Cheers, and welcome.--Naomi

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Tired of being small!

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