Training fasted question

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    In Chapter 43 it is explained what should be changed for morning workouts. The night before is the backload and breakfast before training is just coffee. So far so good. Then it is explained that an off day now is a day where there is no training the following day and the general guideline for off days (Chapter 40) is to don’t backload on those days (with exception for density bulking below 15% body fat, high training volume and back to back off days). But in the other changes for training fasted it is said “The rest of the program is identical: just withhold carbs until dinner
    time, say 6 p.m. or so, and have one carb-laden meal and possibly a sugary meal an hour or so after that”. I’m confused now. Let’s say I train monday morning, but don’t train on tuesday morning, should I eat carbs for monday dinner? No because it is an off day? Yes but not as much as the usual back load?

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Training fasted question

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