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    Hello,as the topic says my question is which training protocol would you suggest for CBL?Some quick facts about me:Age: 25Size: 1,87m / 78 kgbodyfat: ~8%lift experience: 10 month, 3-4 days a weekI was doing CBL for almost the entire time, switched to CNS for the last two month to get rid of some bodyfat for the summer, since 2 weeks im back to CBL to gain some size now.Right now I am doing Shockwave 4 days a week.Monday: Chest/BiTuesday: LegsWednesday: RestThursday: Shoulders/ArmsFriday: BackSa/Sun: RestI like doing Shockwave very much but right now I want to gain as much as I can and I heard SW is more CNS then CBL orientated and also not the optimal protocol for maximum gains.So here is my questions, should I stick to SW (I am using the app in the gym and following it almost 100% regarding rest times and exercises) or should I switch to something else to get more results?I always go for the X level in shockwave and trying to do the ELECT movements as good as possible.*sorry for double create but I am not sure which board fits best for this questionBR



    I'm in the same boat as you. I like Shockwave, but I'm trying to gain weight. I have tried Heavy Duty, which is specifically for hypertrophy(size). Beware though, it will beat you down lol. At least it did to me. Plus it's optimal to have a training partner. Though you can definitely get around that, I think a few people here have done it solo.I stopped doing it only because of my schedule. Now I'm trying to modify SW to be more hypertrophy oriented. One of the members here, Trevorxgage, has mentioned recently that possible modifications to enhance the hypertrophic benefits could be to perform extended PSR sets(decrease the weight increases per each mini set), or just perform more PSR sets.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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training protocol for CBL

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