Weight loss after quitting antidepressants

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    I’m helping a friend lose weight (lets call it fat), and trying to be ahead of potential issues.
    The person quit antidepressants 6 months ago, and I’ve read various information on slow metabolism, possible insulin resistance and little to no fat loss after using these types of medication.
    The only diet I’ve seen mentioned that seems to actually work is the Serotonin Power Diet. I have not yet had time to read or research it properly, but from what I understand it’s basically eating small amounts of carbs throughout the day without other nutrients (during those carb intakes) to increase serotonin levels and keep hunger under control.

    Now, what do you think about Carb Nite for the purpose of fat loss after medication use? I have heard people more of less reversed diabetes on Carb Nite (referring to the mentioned possibility of insulin resistance), and from what I understand from the book it’s excellent to restore and control proper hormone function/levels and increase general metabolism.

    Do you have any thoughts on Carb Nite for clients who have previously been on antidep.meds. or know about any research on this?
    Or any thoughts or experiences on the Serotonin Power Diet?

    Also for the purpose of research if we were to try Carb Nite for this, which hormone levels and blood tests should be taken at the doctor to see any changes after a cycle of CN?

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Weight loss after quitting antidepressants

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